Are you looking for an economical, environmentally friendly, hygienic and especially odour free Cat Litter Box?
Then the PeeWee Cat Litter Box System is THE solution for you.
The PeeWee Cat Litter Box System costs you only ONE EURO PER WEEK.
A bag of 14 ltr. (9kg) PeeWee litter pellets will last you at least four months!

100% made of renewable raw materials

100% biologically degradable and compostable

100% Manufactured from the sawdust of Swedish spruce

The ammonia smell is completely absorbed

Paws remain clean and dry

No dust, your house remains noticeably clean and fresh

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PeeWee References

I never want anything else

For the lat year I've been using the PeeWee system - FANTASTIC!! I will never use anything else.
I have 4 cats and 4 litter boxes. Two high boxes and two with lids.
I don’t understand why Peter (from 2nd January 2012) says that the urine and used&n.....

Nice and Easy

I switched from bentonite and a litter box with a lid to the PeeWee open design litter box for our two Russian Blue cats. No problem! I have been delighted with the results.  Less mess in the house and less mess in the litter box. With bentonite, there are heavy sticky.....

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How does the PeeWeecat litter system work?

  • Fill the upper gridded box with PeeWee pellets to the recommended level (about 2 cm).

  • Whenever a cat pees, 90% of the urine falls through the grid to the lower box.

  • The remaining 10% urine is absorbed by the pellets in the upper box. This absorption breaks up the pellets into sawdust.

  • Because the cat scratches the pellets after doing his 'business', the sawdust falls through the grid of the upper box into the lower box.

  • Only the soiled sawdust in the lower box needs to be thrown away.

  • What is left, has a pleasant Pine small, and the paws of your cat remain clean and fresh.

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